Kidney Disease

Kidneys can function normally on very low capacity - renal symptoms only show when function drops below 40% which is why people can donate a kidney and remain well, but significantly reduce their margin for error in doing so.  When kidney disease shows it means that function has dropped significantly, however if moved above this threshold level they can seemingly regain symptoms of health even if kidney function is still relatively low. Unfortunately there are still some low protein "renal prescription diets" being advocated which only encourage the body to break down it's own muscle and protein.  The best quality and most digestible food for renal failure in our pet carnivores (dogs and cats)  is raw meaty bones. Kidney cancer is approached in exactly the same way as any other type of cancer.

  1. A 12 year old dog presented with deteriorating kidney functions with a non-malignant cause. The dog’s health got ever worse in spite of being placed on a "kidney-friendly" diet. As kidney function deteriorated there was increased weight loss. 4 months treatment resulted in impressive improvement of the dog’s health state.
  2. A 15 year old Persian cat presented with pyelonephritis which did not respond to conventional treatment. After giving the cat a natural treatment for four days, its appetite returned, and one month application resulted in satisfactory kidney function with improved condition and vigor of the cat.
  3. A 12 year old Vizsla bitch presented with weight loss. Examination and tests revealed a tumour in the kidney region and deteriorating kidney function. After 3 months treatment, ultrasound showed the tumour had disappeared, and the kidney function improved and stabilized.
  4. A 13 year old male Border Terrier X presented with polyuria and polydipsia (ie. excessive drinking and urinating). His normally black shiny nose had turned dry and brown.  After 2 weeks treatment, his black shiny nose had returned and the drinking and urination were back to normal.  With regular maintenance treatment he lived another 4 years with no further signs of disease of any type.