Other diseases

Whether a disease is idiopathic or not it can still be corrected by treating the individual rather than the disease - advice provided by Hippocrates that has been largely ignored by mainstream medicine since the Pharmaceutical paradigm began.   This approach makes complete sense if you consider that the vast majority of diseases have been acquired and that same individual was once considered to be healthy. In order for health to return we only need to return the internal environment of the body to the same state it was in when health reigned.

Roger has a number of products and treatment techniques in his arsenal that all aim to restore the healthy state so that correct biochemical and correct biophysical environments will determine the correct normal function which becomes the easiest option for the body to choose.  The following cases studies are a variety of different conditions that responded well to the general approach as set out above.

  1.  A 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog presented with  confused behavior and showed variable musculoskeletal pains. It tested positive for Borrelia burgdorfei - the causative infectious organism in  Lyme's Disease. The usual antibiotics gave only temporary alleviation and the disease kept relapsing. Switching to a natural treatment to boost the immune system for 3 months caused the symptoms to cease.
  2. A 6 year old English Foxhound presented with excessive sebum secretion from the skin and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which did not respond to traditional treatment. Symptoms ceased and the dog returned to normal using ongoing natural products.
  3. A 12 year old cross-bred bitch suddenly started to lose vitality for no apparent reason. She slept a lot, and was reluctant to go out for a walk.  No organ failure or compromise showed up on diagnostics.  A course of treatment designed to restore the internal body environment with no particular target commenced. Three weeks later she showed considerable changes: she was glad to go out again, ran up the stairs and had a generally better condition and appetite.