Liver Disease

Serious liver disease can be acquired or congenital. Porto-systemic shunts are not something that Roger can treat using his techniques.  Liver failure from toxicity whether acute or that is deteriorating over time is something that Roger can give hope for. Liver cancer can be treated using the same approach as for any other cancer.

  1. A 5 year old cross-bred female dog presented with regularly vomiting and her fur became matted. Histology and blood test revealed liver degeneration of unknown origin.  After 3 months treatment, she had stopped vomiting, her appetite returned and she was regaining weight. By repeating treatment for 2-months every 6 months, her health was still good two years later.
  2. A 9 year old female cat presented with poor appetite ,  weight loss, and had ongoing diarrhoea. She was  diagnosed with liver cancer.  After 2 weeks treatment the diarrhoea gradually stopped. The cat’s appetite improved and by the end of 3 month's treatment she had regained her original body weight. The tumour shrank and she remained symptom-free for over a year.