Allergies in both horses and dogs are relatively common. In dogs it is frequently food-linked to commercial kibble diets. In horses the most common allergy is Sweet Itch - an allergy to the Culicoides midges. Roger sees plenty of all types, including those which are slightly more dramatic as demonstrated by the picture above.

Roger's approach often involves muscle testing (aka kinesiology) to try to determine what the prime allergen is, but whatever it is allergies are an indication that the immune system is out of balance which is what needs addressing. Roger uses Bioresonance to help balance the individual at the same time as addressing the allergy itself.

The following testimonials are primarily associated with horses and Sweet Itch but the approach is identical to all allergies.

  1. "Best thing I ever did for my show cob (Buster) was to have Roger inject him. He's a different animal - itching stopped = happy horse!" Annette Hance, Farringdon. 2009
  2. "Roger's Sweet Itch injection was the best thing for my Welsh boy. He used to be cooped up in sweet itch rugs and sprays but after 2 injections he is happily living out rugless again. Very happy pony with a lovely mane growing back. No need to hogg him to keep it under control." Teagan Epps, Wilts, Equine Science graduate and Professional Groom
  3. "I have been using Roger and his bioresonance Quinton injections for over 4 years now to help my South American polo ponies who suffer really badly with sweet itch.  They used to rub themselves totally raw, with big open weeping sores on their necks, tails and tummies.  I tried every herbal remedy I could find, every cream, paste or liquid and none had any lasting effect and in some cases made them much worse.  I was recommended Roger and we have not looked back since, I noticed an immediate improvement within 3 days of the first injection, the ponies looked more comfortable and not trying to itch constantly. That 1st year I continued with a herbal remedy to make sure we kept on top of the itching but for the last 3 years I have given them nothing at all except the 6 to 8 weekly Quinton injection from April through to September, saving a fortune.
    Roger’s amazing Quinton injections have given my ponies a chance of normal life, they can be turned out day or night and have lovely shine coats with no sores or rub patches. So much so that one of them won Reserve Champion at an In hand Show and the Judge was amazed to hear the pony was a sweet itch sufferer, as her coat was in such incredible condition." Clare Macnamara, Hants., 2015
  4. "Roger Meacock has done wonders with all my sweet itch horses from a 12.2hh show hunter pony, cob and WB dressage horse." Charlotte Cully 2012
  5. "You have such an easy-going nature that I feel I can talk to you honestly. You must realise that I spent £1000 on my dog give or take a little for absolutely nothing before I came to you." Mrs H, Suffolk, 2003

A tricky case of Hives due to multiple allergies that kept changing over time. A successful result was achieved alongside Tim Thompson-Jones.

Annette Hance and Buster in winning form after treatment