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Who Am I?

I have worked as an alternative vet for over 25 years using cutting edge, advanced technologies such as SCENAR, natural remedies, and more recently Wave Genetics, all of which improve the internal environment of the body.

A truly holistic approach takes into consideration all possible influences including environmental factors, diet and a full history and examination.  It is for this reason that it is often beneficial to see your animal in their normal home surroundings.

What do i do?

Having made a full assessment of the situation, I will evaluate how best to treat your horse, dog or other animal. This may involve bringing in other people who I trust in the correct order. I may recommend products or a more direct treatment using SCENAR or one of the other techniques in my toolbox. 

Where natural remedies are recommended they have no adverse side-effects and don't cause any damage or toxicity as happens with radio- and chemo-therapies and many other Pharma products.


"If you are a sceptic, suffer fools lightly and steer away from a lot of the bullsh*t in circulation, please read this....

I have 50 years experience of owning dogs, world championship wins in Sprint and now one of the only true UK teams to be competing in long distance Husky racing on a world stage. Roger is without doubt an exceptional vet who has brought dogs back from where many others suggested that it was time to put them to sleep. He offers what no other has over the years, a natural assisted approach to healing solutions."

Peter Kay-Kujawski, ex-International athlete and first Brit to complete the 500km Finmarkslopet Husky Race

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