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Who Am I?

I have worked as an alternative vet for over 20 years using cutting edge, advanced technologies such as SCENAR and natural remedies that improve the internal environment of the body.

A truly holistic approach takes into consideration all possible influences including environmental factors, diet and a full history and examination.  It is for this reason that it is often beneficial to see your animal in their normal home surroundings.

What do i do?

Having made a full assessment of the situation, I will evaluate how best to treat your horse, dog or other animal. This may involve bringing in other people who I trust in the correct order. I may recommend products or a more direct treatment using SCENAR or one of the other techniques in my toolbox. 

Where natural remedies are recommended they have no adverse side-effects and don't cause any damage or toxicity as happens with radio- and chemo-therapies and many other Pharma products.

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